Desert Willow & Pollinator Festival!

Mark your calendar for our fall festival…Saturday September 16 (10am-3pm)!

Meet your presenters:

Johnny Chavez is the Conservation Program Manager at VSWCD. He has managed the operation of Whitfield for 9 years! He has expertise in Wildland Management and Invertebrates. Johnny will be leading our pollinator walk and Monarch Butterfly tagging at the event. He will also oversee the Healthy Soil Planting at 11am on the south side of the conservation area! Join him back at the Visitor Center at 2pm for our talk on Monarchs and Moths!

Laura McCann is the Education Manager at VSWCD. She has been teaching and working with birds for over 15 years! Join her in the Visitor Center for the Birds and Bats presentation about how some birds and bats help pollinate plants in the desert southwest- including the Desert Willow!

Patrick DeSimio is part of the Seeding Regenerative Agriculture project. He will be in charge of our planting at 11am in WWCA! The SRA will also be donating 25 food vouchers for $20 each during the event. These food vouchers will be redeemable during the event at the Tome Todo Food Truck! To learn more about SRA, click here: Seeding Regenerative Agriculture – Partnerships for Sustainable Agriculture (

Kaitlin Haase is the Southwest Pollinator Conservation Specialist for the Xerces Society in Albuquerque, NM. She works to create climate-resilient, connected pollinator habitat in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. She collaborates with and educates public and private land managers in NM and the desert Southwest on pollinator-friendly practices for landscaping, gardening, and open space restoration. Join Kaitlin in the Visitor Center 12:30-1:30 to learn more about Bringing Bees (and other pollinators) to Your Backyard! To learn more about the Xerces Society, click here: The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation