Shared nature Lessons for All Ages

Starting April 6th 2020, environmental educators from all over New Mexico are getting together to create free nature-based lessons for teachers and parents for all school aged students. New lessons will be added here every week. Check back often!


Nature Story Activity

Students will create a multiple page story of different plants or animals in the ecosystem


Migration Adaption Activity half sheet.BEMP Lesson

Learn about bird migration while tracking data while learning how to use phenology tracking databases

gravity drop.STEM stimulus activity 2 3.2020

Learn about the science of gravity with this fun home activity

Nature Matters.Daily Nature Activities.NMSU partnership

Daily nature activities that help students relate to their surroundings every day.

The Producer

Learn all about how these are all connected in the chain of life. They all need one another for survival, but one is the most important. Which one is it?

TTYL.BirdBasics1 Feathers

In this lessen students will learn all about how parts of a feather function to help a bird fly and survive in the environment.

Surface Tension.nk

Learn about some of the awesome things about water in this activity!

DOTG.Backyard Pollinator Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy a backyard scavenger hunt and learn about the pollinators along the way!

Backyard Plants

What is growing in your backyard? Find out why they are important in the ecosystem!

Don’t Trash Our Rio- STEM distribution (ENG_SP)

Learn all about how quickly trash builds up and how we can use recycled materials to build new things.

UNM.Speed of Light

Understanding the speed of light and microwaves

Mud Play.PEEC pre-school age

Playing in the mud and learning with pre school aged students!

TTYL.BirdBasics2 Hawks.vs.Falcons

Looking at specific features to help compare birds from each other. Get the binoculars out!