NMDA Healthy Soils Education Grant 2020

VSWCD was selected for the New Mexico Department of Agriculture Healthy Soils Education Grant. The project we are implementing is called Training Healthy Soils Leaders on Small Scale Farms and using Johnson-Su Bioreactor Compost and we were awarded $12,430. 

VSWCD is working with the Natural Resource Conservation Service to complete soil testing and soil health education for growers.

Learn more about the 2020 Healthy Soils Program project and results from the pilot study.


Learn how to increase bacteria and fungi in your soil from using the Johnson-Su Bioreactor Composting Method and the 5 Healthy Soils Principles. Based on lessons from local growers. Print your own 



Johnson- Su Bioreactor Composting Method

The Johnson-Su Bioreactor bioreactor composting method’s purpose is to increase diversity of fungi and microbia in your soil and to restore the relationships between plants and microbia and fungi. This improves nutrient availability, water absorption and plant production. The compost works best if practicing the 5 Healthy Soils Principles: 1) Soil armor; 2) minimizing soil disturbance; 3) plant diversity; 4) continual live plant/foot; and 5) animal/pollinator integration. For more info on the Johnson-Su Bioreactor follow this link.

VSWCD provides a settup to make your own for only $85 which saves you money, because we order materials in bulk. Call or email for a settup!


Johnny Chavez, Conservation Program Manager

[email protected]