Board of Supervisors

Chairman Abel M. Camarena, Position 1. Term: 2023/start February 2009

Vice Chair Teresa Smith de Cherif, Position 4, Term: 2025/start April 2008.

Treasurer Pam Cordova, Position 2, Term: 2023/start October 2021.

Board Supervisor Nick Baca, Position 3, Interim: 2023/start January 2023.

Board Supervisor James Fitcher, Position 5 (at large), Term: 2023/start January 2020.

Board Supervisor Priscilla Abeita, Position 6 by appointment term: annual/start October 2022.

Board Supervisor Richard Bonine,  Position 7 by appointment term: annual/start January 2016.

Board Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board of Supervisors are scheduled on the third (3rd) Thursday of each month, starting at 4:00 p.m. Regular meeting location is at the Whitfield Visitor and Education Center at 2424 Hwy 47 in Belen, New Mexico 87002, excluding holidays which are rescheduled at the Board’s discretion.  These meetings can also be attended virtually. Please see the homepage of this website for a current link to the next upcoming meeting. The Board reviews and passes resolution of their regular meeting time annually at the December monthly meeting for the upcoming calendar year schedule.


WHEREAS: The Open Meetings Act NMSA 1978, Chapter 10, Article 15, III Section 10-15-1, Subpart A states, “an open public meeting is not necessarily an open public meeting is not necessarily an open forum and, so long as the Act is complied with, public bodies may limit, or not allow public debate and may take steps necessary to maintain public order.” Additionally, Subpart F states, “Meeting notices shall include an agenda containing a list of specific items of business to be discussed or transacted at the meeting.”

WHEREAS: The Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District (VSWCD) desires to provide opportunity for public comment at meetings under its purview.”

*For instructions on making public comments, please see the current upcoming meeting posting on the homepage of this website.*