The Dan Goodman Soil & Water Conservation and Environmental Improvement Award is an annual award that shall be given to one or more deserving high school students residing within Valencia County who have demonstrated a high regard for conservation and the environment.  The objective in giving these awards is to stimulate activities, teaching and learning in this area, and to reward those who have been active in conservation.

                                                                                                                    WHO CAN APPLY?*

    • Any actively enrolled high school student in Valencia County, grades 9-12, may apply for this award.

    • Applicants must document all past projects, services, or workings in soil and water conservation and/or environmental activities.

    • Students active in any conservation and/or environmental areas should apply.

    • Judging criteria will be based simply on all or any of the following:

-Farm and ranch experience

-Experience in environmental issues

-Past or ongoing projects in these areas

-Grade point average

-Class ranking

-Community service

-School services and activity in any related organizations (Such as FFA, 4-H, Scouts, church activities

-Career plans

-Post-Secondary education plans

-Awards and honors given

-And other criteria that the applicant sees fit to document

    • Anyone who has received this award in the past can still apply again with a maximum of two awards per applicant allowed.

    • All who have applied and not been selected but are still within the grades 9-12 should consider re-applying in following years.


    • Application blanks may be obtained from your high school administration office or the Valencia Soil & Water Conservation District office in Belen.

    • Applications for this award must be submitted to the Valencia Soil & Water Conservation District office (ATTN: Vice Chair) by Wednesday, November 15th, 2023. You can also email your application: [email protected]

    • Recipients will be announced at the December 2023 Board meeting.


Up to $1,000.00 for up to three top candidates.


A review committee composed of members from the Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors will do the judging.  The committee in determining the winner(s) may request individual interviews.

    • Applications will be accepted and awards made without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, marital status, or disability.

                                Dan Goodman Scholarship Application

Please click on the link below to download and fill out the application. Follow the instructions on the document for submission. Thank you for applying